It was announced Wednesday in a court documents show, Facebook Web site for their own valuation of only 3.7 billion U.S. dollars, not 15 billion U.S. dollars.

Prior to that, because of Microsoft’s 240 million U.S. dollars to the price of the acquisition of a stake in Facebook 1.6%, as calculated, Facebook’s market value as high as 15 billion U.S. dollars, but a court Wednesday released documents show that shortly after making a deal with Microsoft, Facebook is their own valuation of the site is only 3.7 billion U.S. dollars, or about 8.88 U.S. dollars per share, with the outside world judged a far cry from the 15 billion U.S. dollars.

In fact, the public documents from the Facebook and the ConnectU dispute between plagiarism. ConnectU legal representation in a recent publicity information, Facebook founder Mark Ekberg (Mark Zuckerberg) eventually to 65 million U.S. dollars worth of cash and Facebook stock “settle” in this lawsuit.

However, after the two sides reached a settlement, ConnectU found that Zuckerberg tried to hide the true value of Facebook, but the court rejected ConnectU’s breach of contract requirements, in the end, or the content of the implementation of reconciliation between the two parties. ■

Following Monday gold plummeted by nearly 30 U.S. dollars after the Tuesday to Friday showed the trend of the price of gold fell by a narrow range of oscillation resistance running posture. As of midday Friday closed at 820.5 U.S. dollars, compared with the previous trading week down 31.35 U.S. dollars, or 3.68 percent, Zhou K Line has accelerated a drop. Why the recent price fall in the vicinity of 800 U.S. dollars, as well as the existence of gold fell phased effective support it?

In our view, based on a stronger dollar may re-judgment is a major factor in gold prices fell. Despite the recent phase of a series of U.S. economic data further demonstrate its economy has plunged into recession obvious. Last week, government data show that the United States in December 2008 reduced 2.7 percent retail sales decline for the highest since October last year, exceeding Wall Street analysts expected more than double than that in December 2007 dropped 9.8 percent, a record since 1993 record the largest decline. To know even if the past is facing a weak U.S. economy, the end of the retail sales also tend to exceed market expectations of beautiful, shows the current round of U.S. economic recession is more serious than ever before. But it seems to do in the market expected, therefore, has not formed against the U.S. dollar should be the pressure. Instead, the U.S. official face of the U.S. economic recession made to rescue the market moves significantly more active and effective than in Europe, which to some extent, given the market more confidence than in the euro zone. Economic recession in the United States, the Africa and the United States economy also performed poorly, the United States in November international trade deficit in goods and services has substantially narrowed 28.7 percent to 40.44 billion U.S. dollars, narrowing the margin hit the highest level in 12 years. Recently, the market seemed to be more worried about the euro-zone economic prospects. Last Thursday the European Central Bank (ECB) cut its benchmark interest rate 50 basis points to 2.0 percent, flush ECB record low in history. Recent part of the euro-zone countries face lower credit rating further suppress the market’s confidence in the euro-zone economy. The above factors was sold to become the euro, the dollar was an important factor in boosting passive.

Of course, the recent strength of the U.S. dollar is not entirely passive. Based on the impact of financial crisis, many countries in Africa and the United States in the pursuit of the devaluation of the currency to boost its own economic vitality, as well as in international trade for more pro-active low, they have dished out the U.S. currency’s foreign exchange reserves increase. At present, manifested mainly in Asian countries, did not rule out further to other countries the spread of Africa and the United States may be. The stage seems to be the strength of the dollar for the United States would like to see, contribute to its further increase the issuance of treasury bonds for economic or financial aid. This became the price of gold fell recent major fundamentals factors, and commodity markets are once again strong dollar is facing a new danger破位. International crude oil prices is one of the first re-record low oil prices last Thursday minimum 35 U.S. dollars has been the breakdown, it appears that 30 U.S. dollars was little suspense there is no breakdown.

Of course, the recent decline in gold there are still a lot of medium and long-term technical factors, if the price of gold back then, these technical factors will also be pressure on the formation of gold uplink.

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Yahoo Luo Yibo, chairman of Stockton (Roy Bostock) released a few days ago as saying that Yahoo would be the end of the year to appoint a new CEO to replace Jerry Yang. At the same time, he also said that the merger of AOL with Yahoo negotiations as early as next week to complete.

Technology blog Allthingsd female columnists Kara Swisher, said the author, Bosituoke said that whether or not they find a new CEO, all next week to prepare the signing of the merger agreement with AOL. Kalla said the two sides to negotiate the most difficult agreement is, of course, the amount. Yahoo has been insisting to Time Warner after the merger of the company’s 20% stake in Time Warner and would like to get one-third of the shares. In accordance with the current share price basis, the value of these shares was about 3.0 billion and 50 billion dollars.

CEO of the new issue of karaoke time that has been too hasty, because there are less than 4 weeks from the end of the year, while Yahoo has not formed a formal CEO selection committee, only by the number of grams of Persia director (Gary Wilson) in charge of a temporary Informal assessment of the group. They are in the hands of the CEO candidates is only an executive search firm Heidrick & Struggles to submit a list of 6, they News Corporation COO Peter Chernin (Peter Chernin), the former CEO of AOL Qiaoenmile (Jon Miller), the former eBay CEO Margaret Whitman (Meg Whitman), the former Yahoo COO Dan Luosen Ludwig (Dan Rosensweig) and former Microsoft executives, Juniper Networks CEO Kevin Johnson (Kevin Johnson).

But first elected to Yahoo’s new CEO in a listed company must have served as CEO of M & A experience and the experience, but also must be a media and advertising experts. In addition, due to step down after Jerry Yang of Yahoo will be to restore the original leader (Chief Yahoo) in his capacity as the new CEO must also be able to maintain cooperation with Jerry Yang.

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.S. President George W. Bush on January 20 next year, will officially leave the White House, the president of the end of the 8-year career. Bush and his wife recently spent 2,070,000 U.S. dollars in the United States of Dallas, Texas, bought a luxurious estate, ready to leave here after living a relatively quiet life.

Dallas real estate transaction records show that assessment, Bush and his wife in October of this year commissioned a private financial consultant Robert came to Texas to 2,070,000 U.S. dollars of the purchase price of a luxury estate, as Bush and his wife to leave After the primary place of residence. The luxurious estate was built in 1959, covers an area of 1.13 acres, which is about 8501 square feet living space. In the original layout and allocation of space, occupying 1150 square feet garage, servants room occupied 896 square feet, and miscellaneous items between store occupies 240 square feet. This luxury is the original owner of a well-known investors, billionaire Tom – Hicks, in 1998, others purchased from the Real Estate Department, but does not actually live for many years. After a number of as well as Bush and his wife visited the personal and detailed inspection, they finally decided to purchase bid, this place is home. At present, this place is still in the home decoration stage, after the end of Bush and his wife will be officially into the Department.

With the official handover date of the president is approaching, Bush began more engaged in various types of informal, non-for-tat, the opportunity to show goodwill of the audience in front of his more moderate side, for some listeners with the president face-to-face and Are honored, even excited. In the White House, it will be very difficult to find such a person. Bush’s public support rate is currently hovering around 2O%, upon leaving office in January is likely to become the lowest approval ratings of President of the Modern. In the Republican Party, Bush attacked almost as popular in the Democratic Party. Obama would have been Bush’s performance as the main election issues. Bush recently invited a number of women in the Middle East, the White House in an informal conversation. He posed for pictures with them and answered a variety of issues, it is part of that war on terrorism is not directed against Islam or the Arab world war. However, in a moment, Bush has revealed his inner thoughts. He said these people, he understood why so many people against him, and he was the president of the evaluation are negative. He said, “I know I have the impression to the people. I do not live in the cocoon.”

Bush administration officials, more than 3,000 at present to do a good job has already begun preparations for the resignation of the outgoing and have been planning their own future. The prospects for the future after stepping down, Bush has demonstrated a high degree of optimism. One of his most recent biographer, said he will be resigning from his post after a speech to go around. Referring to Bush’s speech, he said, “I do not know my father received at the time how much money – each of the speakers at a cost of over 50000-75000 US dollars, Clinton also made a lot of money. I also look forward to sitting in the car In Gelaifude simple farm life. “It is estimated that Bush’s current total assets of about 27,000,000 U.S. dollars. Bush’s speech before he left office, said that when the president have to get up early, then things can still be a one, to step down after he and his wife Laura lived a most ordinary life. Bush said that “it would be interesting to adjust, we will adjust the two people, we will be together, we have a child, in Texas, there are a lot of good friends.”

The person familiar with President Bush, said Bush is not a suspect and assumptions used to torture and punish themselves. Even during the most difficult moments – such as the invasion of Iraq last several months after the bloody rebellion, as well as the weak response to Hurricane Katrina – have not reported any gossip. Public opinion is very important to him, his friends and aides said he did not become the object of ridicule turned a deaf ear to the facts. Bush has always been firmly believe that history will prove his decision was the right one. Texas has always been supporters of Bush’s “base camp.” Bush’s friend James – Francis said, “Many people like the Bush family, including their family.” Francis said Bush is likely to out-writing, speech everywhere, but he will focus on the construction of its own Library and the establishment of democracy in the Middle East to promote policy research organization. Laura – George W. Bush than her husband, Washington would also like to hate, she is also on the return to a more normal life full of expectations.

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Google’s video Web site YouTube has developed a new e-commerce advertising model “click to buy”, the user will be able to click the ads in video to buy products, YouTube will also get income from it.

Comprehensive news coverage on October 8, Google’s YouTube video site that has developed a “click to buy” (clicktobuy) of the new e-commerce advertising model.

YouTube will add ads in its video, users will be able to click the ads to buy products. YouTube can also get a part of the income . It is understood that, although YouTube owns a large number of user groups, it have been facing big pressure on advertising revenue, the measure is counting on the rapid growth of online video advertising market.

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On 22th, the United States well-known storage equipment maker SanDisk Corporation and four major world record companies – Universal Music Group, the new cable music, Warner Music, EMI, as well as the large U.S. retail chain Best Buy and Wal-Mart announced together they will launch music memory card to store music album in compact memory card. The new form of music store based on the small SanDisk SD memory card is named “Music slot”, in which the music is stored in MP3 format.

It is reported that the first sale of music SD card capacity for 1G, can be an ordinary CD album of music tracks, as well as inside pages of text, images, such as envelope-related content is stored, consumers can also use the extra storage space for some of the depositors Other songs or photos.

Music album sales data show that the use of physical storage media products issued by the music, or “physical” music still accounts for the current market dominance. According to well-known music sales survey data from Nielsen SoundScan, in 2007, the U.S. music market without the physical medium of digital album sales were approximately 50,000,000, and the CD sold a total of 449,000,000. At the same time, but record companies are facing a harsh reality: With the Internet to download digital music constantly, “erosion”, CD’s position in the market is falling year after year, CD sales in 2007 than last year dropped by about 19%.

According to U.S. media reports about the portable, Internet, today’s digital, CD seems to be slowly behind the trend. That is why the 4 major record companies and the only well-known memory card maker SanDisk to launch a music memory card. They hope that this new storage medium, could be supported by the “hard” to maintain the prosperity of the music fresh blood, a digital download at various levels of the siege of the traditional record companies also want to open up a new way of making money.

U.S. market research agency NPD analyst Jelinek considered, SD card music is expected to be “compelling” new form of a music store in music market, “because the industry urgently need one reason for people to re-enter the music store in the reality. “

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September 16, according to foreign media reports, insiders who are familiar with the situation said on Monday that the negotiations between the well-known record company EMI (EMI) and MySpace Music (hereinafter referred to as “MySpace Music”) has entered the end stage, the two sides is expected to signed a cooperation agreement within a few days.

MySpace music by the News Corporation’s social networking site MySpace, Universal Music, Warner Music and Sony BMG is a joint venture company, with the aim of Apple’s iTunes music store competition for the market. MySpace music service will be launched within the next few days. The source said that EMI and MySpace negotiators are “overcome the final obstacles” and MySpace is expected to sign an agreement before the music Zhengshishangxian.

For these rumors, a spokeswoman for EMI said the company is working with MySpace negotiations, but declined to disclose the progress of negotiations. And a MySpace spokeswoman declined to comment on the rumors.

It is learnt that after the on-line of MySpace music, free online music will be offered and MP3 songs, ringtones and concert tickets and other products and services without copyright protection software will be sold. Analysts said that if EMI finally be able to reach an agreement with the MySpace Music, it is no doubt to substantially increase the strength of Apple’s iTunes.

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September 9, according to foreign media reports, market research firm Gartner recently published a report that the global smart phone sales in the second quarter reached 32.2 million this year, up 15.7 percent, the proportion of smart phone sales in all mobile phone sales remained at 11 percent.

Roberta Cozza, principal analyst for Gartner said: “Although the first quarter of the global smart mobile phone sales reached 64 million, an increase of 22 percent, but compared with last year, the growth rate has slowed down. The current economic situation is still on the mobile phone market Has a greater impact on the whole, limiting consumer spending and consumer replacement rate of mobile phones. In addition, the smart phone sales growth is slowing down due to a number of powerful mobile phones, smart phones rather than using a number of new fashion Touch-screen technology, to attract more consumers caused. ”

From a regional perspective, the second quarter, the smart phone market in North America is still the fastest growing global market, smart mobile phone sales rose 78.7 percent, followed by Europe, the Middle East and Africa market, smart mobile phone sales grew 21 %, While the Asia-Pacific and Japan market smart phones year-on-year sales were down 4.8 per cent and 24 per cent.

From the perspective of manufacturers, Nokia smart phones were sold 15.29 million in the second quarter, taking up 47.5 percent of the market share, ranking the first, followed by RIM with smart phones sales of 5.59 million, 17.4 percent, of market share. HTC ranked the third, with smart phones sales of 1.33 million and 4.1 percent of market share.

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September 8, according to CNN website report, the agents in the U.S. CIA, FBI and National Security Council are testing a social networking site that will be used by the 16 U.S. intelligence analysts. Agents will not publish any idea about music and movies on the website called “A-Space”, but share the information on terrorists and the global mobilization of the army.

CNN reported that the social networking site has been tested a few months time and is expected to be in the September 22 intelligence organizations throughout the United States formally launched.

U.S. departments responsible for national intelligence analysis, a deputy director Michael Wertheimer said, this is a spy for the Facebook and YouTube site. Spyware can not only in this place joints, but also to share their previously shared data. In the A-Space site under the umbrella of protection, they will be thinking in the first countermeasure opportunities.

The information in the new social networking site is highly confidential, general public is not able to access such information. The visitors are limited to personnel with appropriate safety permits and the intelligence personnel who are looking for specific information. The founders of A-Space site don’t hope this site to become the sensitive information gold mine for the next double agent. Wertheimer said, we will establish a mechanism to warn of such acts

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September 2 news, UT-Starcom (Nasdaq: UTSI) announced today that the company has signed a contract with the Indian IPTV service providers Aksh Optifibre, which will deploy the racing current IPTV solution of UT-Starcom on ADSL 2 + network in 20 cities that made by telecom operators BSNL.

Aksh Optifibre through the iControl service, UT-Starcom to IPTV solutions in India, BSNL will cover 20 cities of 25 million broadband subscribers, India’s largest city for the residents of the town of experience, including video-on-demand, interactive games, live TV election, Such as distance learning, interactive entertainment opportunities.

UT-Starcom, Aksh Optifibre and BSNL had have long-term relationship in IPTV, broadband and NGN deployments. Last month, UT Starcom and Aksh Optifibre together announced that the two companies would work together to provide high-quality IPTV services to the Indian telecom operators MTNL Mumbai subscribers.MTNL once deployed the first commercial IPTV in Delhi, it expanded the coverage of MTNL’s IPTV.

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